Never forget our original intention and keep forging ahead
Respected guests and dear colleagues of Milli-tech,
Happy New Year to all of you!
Tonight we are gathered here to welcome the new year of 2018 and celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company. We look back on our entrepreneurial history and look forward to a bright future.
In these 20 years, we have witnessed tremendous progress in society and rapid development in science and technology. We have also witnessed the gradual transformation of the optical communication market we are engaged in, from 125M, 256M, 622M, 1G, 2.5G, 10G, 40G, 100G to today's 400G. Milli-tech started from scratch and overcame difficulties, worked hard and achieved one breakthrough after another, keeping pace with the development of the times, and achieved a compound annual growth rate of more than 30%, with a sales performance of 130 million US dollars in 2017.
In these 20 years, with the efforts of hundreds of Milli-tech people, we have built a professional and efficient service platform. Through this platform, we introduce the most advanced foreign technology products to the domestic market with the highest efficiency and help our customers make the best use of these products with our most professional skills, achieving a win-win situation.
In particular, this platform has trained a group of professional and innovative technical talents who are diligent in learning and have positive character. The company's achievements are the result of their passion and talent. At the same time, this platform enables them to share the achievements they have made through their own efforts and enjoy a fulfilling, happy, and dignified life.
Here, I want to thank every colleague who is willing to work together with the company, as well as those colleagues who have contributed to Milli-tech in the past, friends who have helped and supported Milli-tech in the past and now, and suppliers and clients who have supported us. Without the efforts of Milli-tech colleagues, the support of suppliers, and the cooperation of clients, the company would not have come to where it is today.
Learning is the source of our strength, innovation is the driving force of our action, and integrity is the character of our life. Let us maintain and inherit the core concept that has enabled us to achieve today's achievements, and embrace the colorful and ever-changing new era.
Dear colleagues, can you hear the sound of chasing and upgrading? In such a highly competitive and rapidly developing environment, do not be anxious, do not be confused, do not hesitate, do not panic, just strive to win this endless race of life.
Dear friends, the past is gone, and the future has come. Glory belongs to the past, and struggle creates the future. Let us take the 20th anniversary celebration as the starting gun for our new journey. With the passion of a 20-year-old, let us study hard, dare to innovate, and adhere to integrity, and look forward to a better and greater future.

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