Milli-tech, 2016: "With Unity and Cooperation, We Challenge Ourselves, Forge Our Team, and Create Brilliance Together."
On September 3rd, the Milli-tech team embarked on a joyful journey through Dongxiyong (despite the weather forecast predicting thunderstorms), and after touring around Lover's Island in Xiyong by speedboat, the team immediately started energetic beach sports: beach soccer and playing in the waves.
Perhaps due to the energy expended during the activities, everyone's stomachs were rumbling before 6 o'clock. Regardless of the limited conditions and smoke from the barbecue, the team eagerly began the feast. The sound of the waves mixed with laughter and cheers, as well as thunder and lightning, added a unique flavor to the experience.
The next morning at 7 o'clock, after enjoying a simple breakfast, we embarked on the main event of this activity: crossing Dongxiyong.
Along the way, there were steep hills that required climbing. Combined with the heavy rain from the previous night, this increased the difficulty and risk of climbing. Nevertheless, the Milli-tech team worked together, and especially the male teammates were very brave. This experience proved that nothing can stop the Milli-tech team, as unity is strength. From 8 a.m. to after 1 p.m., all the Milli-tech teammates persevered and overcame themselves, earning them high praise and the title of champions.
It is worth mentioning the environmental volunteers who we hold in deep respect. Although not everyone can reach their level, we must start from small actions and take care of our beautiful nature.
The coastline was breathtakingly beautiful and truly enchanting. The power of nature is irresistible (;`O´)o.
We enjoyed a delicious seafood feast on the fish raft while being transported by speedboat. Thanks to Nan Nan for treating us to a lobster dinner.
Just thinking about it makes one's mouth water. This activity was a great success, and we concluded it on a high note.
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