Plasma Power Generators-Ascent AP Series
Process customization with extensive power delivery parameters
Advanced process management through a tiered approach to arc mitigation
Compact, single-unit solution (up to 30 kW)
Set Point Compensation™ technology for stable throughput
Wide operational range to enable a variety of process materials
Compatible with PowerInsight by Advanced Energy™
Building on AE®’s premier bipolar pulsed-DC technology, Ascent® AP power supplies extend your ability to optimize output with advanced pulse shaping, as well as four-block progressive arc management that includes full voltage reversal and self-adjusting arc parameters. This compact solution’s patented pulsing technology proactively inhibits arcs, while its wide operational range unlocks material options to extend single- and dual-magnetron process flexibility and material innovation.
Flat Panel Display
Glass Coating
Industrial Coatings
Solar Photovoltaics
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