Pump Laser
14-pin cooled package enabling up to 600mW output power
10-pin cooled package enabling up to 600mW output power
Semi-cooled options for reduced power consumption
10-pin uncooled package enabling up to 500mW output power
-20°C to 75°C operating temperature
Coherent offers a variety of single-chip pump lasers addressing all areas of low noise all-optical amplification and power consumption requirements. Increasingly, network providers are concerned with component density and power consumption which translates into cost of installation and cost of ownership of a network. To address this, Coherent offers a suite of 980nm pump lasers from uncooled, semi-cooled and traditional-cooled pumps over a set of market leading power ranges.
Multi-stage DWDM
Low-noise EDFA
SFF and micro-amp applications
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