TEC Controller

 Smallest size and highest power density
High accuracy
Low loss

Together with the cooler-based photon system, Sillumin thermoelectric cooler controller can provide solutions with the smallest size, the highest power density and efficiency.
It provides both linear and pulse-width modulated power output stage. Depending on the product model, it provides digital or analog PID control. Our TEC controller supports various MSA - based optical modules, such as SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, CFP/CFP-2/CFP-4 and QSFP28. In terms of 5G application, the switching power ICs have the following features: wide input voltage range, minimum 0.4V ultra-low output voltage, 10A output current capacity, 4MHz switching frequency and 96% working efficiency.

In addition, Sillumin provides ultra-low power IC solutions in the field of micro energy harvesting.
Optical communication
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