Garnet Faraday Rotator
Magneto-optic LPE garnet Faraday rotator crystals are used for non-reciprocal passive optical components such as isolators, circulators, switches, and interleavers.
All thick-film Faraday rotator materials from II-VI are RoHS-compliant.
Bismuth-doped rare-earth iron garnet thick films are the principal Faraday rotator materials for non-reciprocal passive optical devices in telecommunications applications. These garnet materials are highly transparent at the principal near-infrared telecommunications wavelengths. Combined with the correct polarizing or birefringent elements, these Faraday rotators can be made into polarization-dependent and -independent isolators.
Polarization-dependent and -independent isolators, a host of other non-reciprocal devices including circulators, switches, and interleavers. Increasingly, magneto-optic materials are also of interest for sensor applications.
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