Wavelength Selective Switch(WSS)
Integrated channel equalization and blocking
Hitless switching of any channels to any port
Remote software configurability
Low insertion loss, large pass, block bandwidth, and continuous spectra
Ultra-low power consumption
No moving parts and highly reliable
Coherent offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of wavelength-management products for the next generation of dynamically reconfigurable optical networks. Coherent’s portfolio of products includes all the key functional blocks of ROADM line cards, including wavelength selective switch (WSS) modules, optical amplifier modules, optical monitoring modules, and passive optics. These modules benefit from Coherent’s deep vertical integration, including materials growth, device manufacturing, component packaging, and module assembly. Coherent’s modules are integrated with electronics and software that have been developed over decades for a broad range of advanced and always-evolving customer requirements. Coherent’s modules and subsystems are highly differentiated by their embedded intelligence and have a proven track record of carrier-class reliability
Dynamic Wavelength switching/provisioning
Network interconnection, protection and restoration
Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (ROADM)
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