Ceramic Chip Antenna
Smallest Form Factor Ceramic Chip Antenna in the industry.
Extreme Temperature Stability (~2ppm).
2X-3X higher dielectric constant than any FR4, PCB, or standard plastics.
For qualified customers, prior to prototype, full 3D Electromagnetic simulation service available.
125C Rating capable.
AEC-Q200 Automotive Qualification (as required).
Johanson miniature RF ceramic chip antennas are made using Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) Technology which has the ability to embed low and high dielectric constants inside our antenna. This enables them to have great detuning resilience and extreme temperature stability (~2ppm) behavior.
Our ceramic chip antennas offer SMD manufacturability in standard or small form-factor designs/applications (i.e.miniature bluetooth, zigbee, ISM, WLAN antennas) provide great reliability and versatility while maintaining industry demanding performance. These antennas are easy to tune to any unique PCB environment. For qualified opportunities we offer 2 complimentary (free) RF layout design reviews if you choose to use one of our components!
Wireless BLE,WIFI,WLAN,ISM and so on
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