HUBER+SUHNER acquires optical switch supplier Polatis
Polatis, a private company headquartered in Bedford and Cambridge, employs 110 people. Since its inception, it has specialized in the production of all-optical switches and has successfully entered the data center market, while also adjusting its product line to meet the development trend of software-defined networks.

The company's product management, research, development, prototype production, and small-batch production take place in England, while large-scale production takes place in Poland. The company's US branch is mainly responsible for sales.

Polatis will form a business unit within HUBER+SUHNER's fiber optic division.

HUBER+SUHNER CEO Urs Kaufmann said: "Polatis' leading technology strengthens our position as an innovation leader in the fiber optic field. In this Internet world, digitization will grow at a crazy rate, and data volume will also grow exponentially. Through Polatis' advanced technology, we can efficiently and securely manage these huge data flows. HUBER+SUHNER will continue to invest in Polatis, and we hope to see breakthroughs in the data center market in the next two to three years, bringing positive financial contributions to the company."

This acquisition of Polatis is not the first time that HUBER+SUHNER has attempted to expand through acquisitions. The company acquired German fiber optic company Cube Optics in 2014.
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