Don't f Forget Your Original Intention and Forge Ahead
Every time we plan for a team building event, it seems like the heavens are testing us. Typhoon warnings and sudden storms arise, but we are proud that these obstacles cannot extinguish the youthful flame of the Milli-tech team.
On the afternoon of September 1st, our group set out in the pouring rain after completing our physical exams at Qilin Mountain Villa in the morning. The heavy rain made it impossible to proceed with our planned activities such as cycling in Yangmei Keng and escape rooms due to safety concerns.
1.Warm-up games: In a situation where we needed to act fast, we entered a farm for some warm-up games. We split into three teams and played a game of Da Vinci code, with the first team winning by a slight edge in speed and memory. But what brought the most laughter was when we asked the slowest team to say a phrase starting with the word "one" and make an exaggerated gesture. One team consisted of all big, burly men who said things like "kill two birds with one stone," "united as one," and "smooth sailing" in a funny way.
2.Beach BBQ: Since the rain did not stop, we had to give up our plans for the beach and checked into our hotel early. We went to Maldives Beach (location is key) to start preparing for our BBQ. The three stoves were used to full advantage by the team, with some washing vegetables and others cutting them. The fragrance of the food filled the air, and just as night approached, Colin, the director, drove over to join us. We toasted and talked, making the night lively. One of the team members worked hard to barbecue all the ingredients on one stove before walking back to the hotel. The chef was truly amazing.
3.Werewolf game: The rain did not dampen our spirits, and the hotel environment was excellent. We quickly formed teams and started our nighttime activities, with Werewolf being the most challenging game that tested our logical reasoning and intuition. The laughter of our team filled the sixth floor, and we didn't end until 1 a.m.
4.CS field battle: Luckily, it didn't rain today. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast and put on our combat gear. We carefully listened to the coach's instructions and went to the battlefield without gunfire. Stam led the bandit team and attacked the red team led by Bely. Despite being hit with water bullets and cleaning up several mudslides, our team was extremely excited until the other team raised their guns in surrender.
5.Delicious seafood: How could we come to the beach and not enjoy a delicious seafood feast? Crabs, shrimps, squids, chickens, scallops, oysters...all our exhaustion vanished after a satisfying meal.
On our journey back, we rested comfortably, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and clear skies outside the car window, which perfectly confirmed the saying that "the sun always shines after the storm." No matter where or when, the Milli-tech team will not forget its original aspirations and continue to move forward!
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