Together with Harmony, Joyful Trip to Tokyo
The 6-day trip of Milli-tech's big family to Tokyo, Japan has come to a successful end. Through democratic voting among all employees, the destination and route for this trip were decided to be Japan and the Tokyo-Fuji route.
This "Joyful Trip to Japan, Together with Harmony" adopted a semi-free travel mode (with 2 days of free time) and was the second collective trip to Japan organized by the company, the previous one being the Osaka-Kyoto route in 2016. This time, we went to the bustling Tokyo to experience and appreciate the charm of Japan's etiquette culture, their pursuit of detail experience, the unlimited utilization of limited resources, and the adherence to etiquette rules.
We gathered at the fifth station of Mount Fuji in Japan, basking in the sunshine and enjoying the stunning beauty of Mount Fuji. We also experienced the sudden thunderstorm at the Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple and walked in the bustling Ginza commercial district and the Kabukicho nightlife district, which made us indulge in the trip and reluctant to leave.
During the trip, we also enjoyed traditional hot springs and Japanese-style meals at the Shuzenji Ravotel Hotel, and a geisha-themed surprise birthday celebration on a royal boat, which allowed us to experience the warm and beautiful moments of the Milli-tech family's joint trip regardless of our location. With a group of over 60 people, including seniors and children, we experienced the importance of unity and cooperation, as every Milli-tech member helped and supported each other throughout the trip.
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